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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photos from the Parade

                  A crowd sits in the shade as the parade goes by

What a fun weekend and great parade! Helen Mitchell won the Citizen of the Year Award, and was presented a plaque by the Fire Department. Margo Kolenda wrote a great essay and her father did a great job of reciting it in her absence. Emma had a great delivery of the Gettysburg Address, Greg gave a very nice speech, and Father Joachim gave such nice blessings. It was quite muggy, but it was also very nice!

                    The Tredwell Fire Truck gleaming in the sun

 Deborah Tuthill took some great photos of the ceremony, which you can see on the Treadwell Facebook page. If you have any great photos, feel free to upload them to the Facebook page, as well!

                                                           The crowd at attention                       

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